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Sifto Crystal Plus
Crystal Plus water softener salt with Resin Clean efficiently removes hard-water causing minerals, preventing scale and iron build-up that reduces the life of plumbing and fixtures. Plus its corrugated shape also keeps water softening units clean, while eliminating bridging, mushing and channeling. Product Sizes 20 kg bag Downloads  MSDS English  MSDS French  
Sifto Hygrade
Sifto® HyGrade has long been recognized as a leader in food-grade salt products. Sifto HyGrade meets your exacting demands for quality and consistency. All of our culinary salts are certified kosher. Product Sizes 1 kg boxes (24/case) 20 kg bags 1000 litre totes Downloads  MSDS English  MSDS French  Data Sheet
Sifto Ice Salt
Sifto Ice Salt is an economical ice melter with optimally sized crystals for improved melting performance. Melts ice to -15°C/-5°F Product Sizes 10 kg bags 20 kg bags Bulk - Per tonne (min 1 tn, pickup only) Bulk - Truckload (40 tonnes) Downloads  MSDS English  MSDS French
Sifto Nature’s Own
Nature's Own potassium crystals add the natural benefits of potassium, a naturally occurring element vital to good nutrition and health, to water. This environment-friendly formula helps get the most from shampoos and detergents without drying skin or hair. Nature's Own is safe for all water conditioning units. Product Sizes 20 kg bags Downloads  MSDS English…
Sifto Pool Salt
Sifto® Pool Salt helps home owners get the very most from their backyard pool by producing the sparkling clear, gentle water that only a salt water pool can provide. Designed specifically for use with electrolytic chlorine generators, Sifto Pool Salt conditions water naturally, creating pool water that is gentle on the skin, hair, nose and…
Sifto Premium Plus
This high-purity, naturally hard rock salt minimizes residue and bridging in water conditioning units so systems perform optimally and have lower maintenance costs. Premium Plus Crystals are optimally sized for all water softeners. Product Sizes 20 kg bags Downloads  MSDS English  MSDS French